Prevent accidents and keep your sanity with this babyproofing checklist

Before my son became a toddler, I heard it a dozen times from empty nesters: “I don’t know what people do all of this babyproofing for nowadays. When my kids were young, I just told them ‘no,’ and they didn’t get into things.”

Fast forward to my first son starting to crawl: If there was a cord, he would pull it, if there was an outlet, he would poke it, if there was an unlocked cabinet, he’d raid it.

Babyproofing has kept me sane and my sons safe. Here’s a checklist of what has been helpful in our household:

  • Cabinet locks. We like the Safety 1st Magnetic Locking system because they lock the cabinets tightly with no gaps. We also like that they can be easily unlocked after the kids are in bed, so it’s much more convenient for us.
  • Drawer locks. We went with the Dreambaby Safety Latches, which are basic but do the job.
  • To keep little hands from turning on our gas stove, we installed a KidKusion Stove Lock on each knob. They are easy for us to disable but totally stump our boys. So much easier than constantly removing the knobs like we did at first.
  • Safety gates. We use the Summer Infant Sure and Secure Deluxe Top of Stairs Wood Walk Thru Gate at the top of the stairs in our spit entry home. This has been essential for keeping our kids safe while making it easy for my husband and me to get up and down the stairs.
  • We also use the Munchkin Auto-Close Metal Gate in front of our younger son’s nursery. Our living room, kitchen, and bedrooms are all on the same floor, so it allowed me to put the baby in the swing in his room when he was fussy while keeping our two year old from climbing in the swing.  It keeps our two year old out of the room while I’m changing the baby’s diaper but allows me to keep an eye on him.
  • Door knob covers. The KidCo Door Knob Locks have been essential in our house. We put them over the doorknobs of the bathroom, master bedroom, and nursery. When the toddlers are running around, it keeps them out of the bathroom and our bedroom. It also keeps our two year old from opening the baby’s bedroom door while he’s napping.
  • Door pinch guard. We put this on our two year old’s door to keep him from slamming in into his (and his baby brother’s) fingers. We like the “door monkey” Childproof Door Lock and Pinch Guard.
  • Outlet covers. We went with the basic Munchkin Plug Covers.
  • Outlet boxes. We got rid of our lamps and went with a ceiling light to minimize cords, but we have a few things that still need to be plugged in. We like the Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener.
  • Sliding closet locks. The Mommy’s Helper Slide-Lok Bi-Fold Door Locks have kept us sane. They keep the babies out of our accordion closets. It keeps my son from getting into his diapering supplies and also unfolding every piece of clothing in his entire closet.

Of course, my kids still need constant supervision, but it’s much more relaxing to let them run around and play without having to say “no” every two seconds.