Baby Carrier Review: BabyBjorn Original Baby Carrier

Whenever a new, or soon-to-be new, parent asks what the one must-have baby item on their registry should be, I do not hesitate to recommend the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier. When our first child arrived, a friend offered to let us borrow her carrier. We used it for months, and our baby fell in love with it. By the time our second child arrived we knew it was a must-have. Our second baby loved it just as much. Now, our third child is using the very same BabyBjorn Baby Carrier.


From the beginning we knew this carrier was the one for us. The original version of the BabyBjorn carrier is quite sleek. It is all black so it is something even my husband was willing to try. For parents who want a different look, though, the carrier now comes in a variety of different colors.

Once you have used the carrier a few times, it is very simple to use. All you need to do is slip both arms through and there are two latch points on each side to keep your baby snug and secure. There is also an easily adjustable buckle on each shoulder/back strap. This way you can adjust the size depending on whether mom or dad is carrying baby. You can easily adjust the straps while it is on, too.

Another feature is the foldable front flap. You can use this if you need extra assurance of keeping your baby’s head securely in place. We mostly folded the flap down, but it really depends on the size of your child. A young baby can ride facing into you. An older one may face out.

The overall draw of the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier is that it allows a parent to carry a baby around hands-free. Sometimes babies get bored with strollers, and sometimes you just do not want to worry about bringing a stroller along. All three of our children absolutely loved being in the carrier so it worked out well for us.

The shoulder straps are wide and padded, so they are comfortable. Really the only discomfort you should feel is when baby starts to get too heavy. The weight limit is 25 pounds. Our third child is not quite a year old and we still carry her around in it.


The BabyBjorn Carrier is far and beyond my favorite baby essential. At about $80 it is a great price, and truly a quality product for any parent.

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