Playgate review: Northstate Superyard

By the time we had our third child, we were looking for a safe way to keep our baby contained in our home. A family member suggested we try the Northstate Superyard Playgate. We could not be happier with how it worked out.


To begin with, the Northstate Superyard Playgate comes in a light grey. It is not an obnoxious color for your home, and virtually blends in with other items.

The playgate is huge! It is 26 inches high and comes with six panels. At its largest, you can contain 18 and a half square feet. This creates a fairly large play area for your child. The great thing is that you will not have to worry about making any holes in your wall because it is freestanding.

What I really like about the Northstate Superyard Playgate is that you do not have to use all of the panels, and can easily bend the gate into different shapes to fit your room. Our home has a really open floor plan, so this makes it easy to use in several rooms.

Another great feature with the Northstate Superyard Playgate is that the panels really do stand up on their own, and stay in place. They also easily unsnap from each other when you need them to.

We ended up finding ways to use the playgate to fit our lifestyle, as well. A few times we moved the Northstate Superyard Playgate out into the backyard with a blanket underneath for our baby to play outside. We also easily transported it to our older kids’ soccer games and used the playgate to safely secure and entertain our baby for several hours. Some of the older kids even wanted to come play inside of it.

The only complaint I might have is that the playgate is fairly boxy and large when you fold up all of the panels for transport. It makes it a little tricky to carry the entire thing, but on the flip side this also means the playgate is secure enough to stand up on its own. Because it locks together so securely I would not be concerned it would ever fall down. Our older children sometimes climb over it too, and although it slightly bends, it always snaps right back into place.


Overall, I would definitely say the Northstate Superyard Playgate is a great buy. It retails for less than $100 and is a quality playgate that will last.

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