Review: Custom Fit KidCo Configure Gate

When our first child started to become more mobile, we quickly decided we needed a way to block off certain portions of our home. The problem, of course, was that our home is a newer model with an open floor plan. I searched baby stores and online until I finally found the perfect solution, the Custom Fit KidCo Configure Gate.


This configure gate is hardly your normal gate. It is really large and you can bend it so that it fits your space correctly. I ended up buying two of them. One of them, I placed at the top of my stairs, and the other one I placed at the bottom. The Custom Fit KidCo Configure Gate was the only one I found that could block off both locations securely. Most other gates could only block off a straight wall-to-wall. Since I had a railing on one side, I needed the configure gate.

These types of gates are really sturdy. They are somewhat heavy because they are metal. This is good, though, because the gates are secure enough to keep a child from going through on their own without an adult. This is exactly what you need around stairs.

The Custom Fit KidCo Configure Gate has a magnet-lock technology. As long as you have the gate installed correctly, this means the gate will automatically close and lock when you go through it. This is good news if you have older children who may not always remember to close and lock the gate behind them.

Another great thing about the configure gate is that the actual door opening can be configured wherever in the design you need it. This makes it easy to use the gate in different parts of your home.

Finally, another thing I liked about the configure gate was the color. Since my railing posts are white, this gate blended right in with the décor of my home. You really cannot go wrong with white.


The only complaint I might have is that the gate hooks directly into your wall on both sides so you will have to make minor repairs when you take it out. It really is not a big deal, though, because the holes are about the same size as a large nail would make.

The good news is, you do not have to make any holes in your banister, and you know this gate will hold your child securely, even if they push on it. The gate sells for about $120.

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